Dnyankrupa Sahakari Patpedhi Maryadit, Mumbai

Saheb has always been interested in social work and has a legacy of his independent military family, he always intends to do good work for society, so he is based in Mumbai for his West Maharashtrian brothers who are common family workers and working class working elsewhere as well as their With the intention of providing financial support to the families, the first branch of Dnyankrupa and today's main office was established at Masjid Bandar.The organization currently has its head office at Masjid Bandar, Panvel, Kamothe, Sanpada, and also its Rural Divisional Administrative Office at Update.The main objective of Dnyankrupa Sanstha is that do its best in society to take all our members, employees as well as directors from cooperation to financial prosperity.

Founder/Chairman- Mr. Bajirao Shankar Desai

  • Our first duty is to look after the financial interests of the members of Dnyankrupa. The proud success of Dnyankrupa Sahakari Patpedhi Maryadit, Mumbai is all our directors, members, employees, and the Government and Administration of Maharashtra. expresses In fact, the cooperative sector is contributing a lot to the economic progress of our country.I am very proud that "Dnyankrupa" has been continuously working in the cooperative sector for the last 34 years.

  • "I welcome you to this platform of wisdom that moves from cooperation to economic prosperity"

  • It is a pleasure to interact with you all and this is indeed a great opportunity to share my views with you. I work to do something for society as it is a major way of fulfilling social obligations.

  • This motivates me to contribute to the betterment of society through social activities. "Trusted Cooperatives in the Cooperative Universe" is the key to the successful horse race of Dnyankrupa. This is a symbol of the awards achieved by Dnyankrupa Credit Union and the growing trust of its members.

  • Dnyankrupa, which is the jewel of cooperation, is a beacon for the cooperative movement in the state. Directors, members, customers, all employees, and deposit recovery representatives of the organization are very proud of this.

    Board Of Directors

  • Founder/Chairman: Mr. Bajirao Shankar Desai (Botre)

  • Vice Chairman: Mr. Ananda Baburao Yadav

  • Director: Mr. Rajendra Rokade

  • Director: Mr. Bhagawan Zunzar

  • Director: Mr. Shahaji Desai

  • Director: Mr. Pandurang Jadhav

  • Director: Mr. Dilip Bagal

  • Director: Mr. Arun Pai

  • Director: Mr. Vithal Ghare

  • Director: Mrs.Ayusha Patil

  • Director: Mrs.Laxmi Koli

    Administrative Committee

  • M/S Unicode Infotech Pvt Ltd

  • Head-Administration : Mr. Sachin Pandurang Molawade

  • Asst.: Mr. Nitesh Jaysing Pawar