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Dnyankrupa Sahakari Patpedhi Maryadit, Mumbai
Saheb has always been interested in social work and has a legacy of his independent military family, he always intends to do good work for society, so he is based in Mumbai for his West Maharashtrian brothers who are common family workers and working class working elsewhere as well as their With the intention of providing financial support to the families, the first branch of Dnyankrupa and today's main office was established at Masjid Bandar.The organization currently has its head office at Masjid Bandar, Panvel, Kamothe, Sanpada, and also its Rural Divisional Administrative Office at Update.The main objective of Dnyankrupa Sanstha is that do its best in society to take all our members, employees as well as directors from cooperation to financial prosperity.